November 23, 2010

Baby ?'s Blanket

Ok, this has got to be my most favorite quilt I have made yet.  I say this about every single one, but seriously it just turned out so cute.  I will admit I was afraid, very afraid that it was going to be a complete disaster when I started piecing the blocks together.  But the further I got the more I was liking it, thank goodness or I'm sure I would have shed some tears.
So here is how this quilt came to be.  My aunt Julie is having her fifth little boy in January so I figured that after 4 boys everything is probably all but worn out.  And every baby needs a quilt of their own any way.  A few weeks after I found out she was going to have a boy I saw this tutorial on Moda Bake Shop and knew I had to make a blanket just like it (well not just like it, she is having a boy after all).  I couldn't find a layer cake that I really liked so I figured out  how to cut everything out of 1/6 yd cuts.  Now I never ever would have guessed that it would be difficult to find 15 matching boy fabrics, but it took me hours.  After about an hour I called my sister to come and help me, a long time later we finally had a stack that we were happy with.  Like I said once everything was cut into the little squares and I got the blocks pieced I thought I had a disaster on my hands.  Now that it is finished I completely love it and I can't wait to give it to my Aunt.  I'm sure she'll love it too, and her little one whatever his name will be.

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