November 29, 2010

Amy's One Week One Thing Challange

Two weeks ago I got a new to me sewing machine.  Into my craft room it went, in the middle to be precise, where it then waited to get put away somewhere.  I was not getting around to it, so decided that I better make that my challenge this week.  Here is what my room looked like before.
My cutting table and scrapbook stuff.

And wah lah (is that how you spell that?) My room now after moving 3 tables and my sewing cabinet around the room until I found a configuration that worked.  I probably could have saved myself some time by simply measuring the tables and the walls, but that would have involved finding a tape measure and who knows where that would be.
My sewing cabinet and cut table.  I tried to avoid putting them next to the cold windows but it was not to be.

I am uber (my hubby would definitely make fun of my for using that word) excited to have everything all set up and ready to go now.  Christmas gifts waiting to be made, watch out here I come.


  1. love your room! great job on setting it as a challenge week project, it is so hard to clean when you have ideas running through your head and you just want to start! I would have just thrown stuff on the floor or on another table and set up my machine and set to work!! Enjoy your new clean room!!

  2. Looks awesome! I only have the drive to clean the sewing room, when the drive to sew has comepletely left me. Often times that happens because the sewing room is too messy!

  3. Don't worry...if you are like I am, you will be changing things around as you continue sewing!!! Lots of room and lovely possibilities!

  4. I know how great it feels to be all organized and ready to take on any new projects. The room looks so nice and ready for you.