January 24, 2011

Placemats for Grandma

My Grandma has these really old worn out placemats that she uses all the time, so my sister and I decided that it was time for some new ones.  We tried to get them finished for Christmas but that just didn't happen since I was trying to get the quilt for my Mother-in-law finished.

I got one done for Christmas to give to Grandma, and the others have sat in my sewing room waiting to get basted, quilted and bound.  So when I saw Amy's One Week, One Thing Challenge I knew this was the project that needed to get completed.  But my days didn't exactly go as planned, so they didn't quite get all the way finished.  I decided that I would stay up as long as it took tonight to finish them just to have them done.  I wasn't going to make the deadline but at least it was enough motivation to get the Christmas gift done.  Then to go with the rest of my week I ran out of thread when I was finishing the binding on the 4th out of the six placemats.  So here are the finished 3 with the other 3 almost done.

Here's a close up of one.  My hubby thinks that it looks like a bunch of bamboo shots because of the color and the quilting.

Now somehow when I was peicing these I ended up sewing two of them backwards so they don't all match but it adds a little bit of character to them.


  1. Love the colors and it does remind me of bamboo! I made a set and posted them on my blog about a week ago and I had the same thing happen, I pieced one wrong so I pieced another wrong. Love this pattern.

  2. I really like the design of your place mats and even more that you are making something to share with your grandmother.